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At Divine Intervention, we offer Trauma Conscious Yoga as a part of the therapeutic process. As Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk says, “The Body Keeps the Score,” and that is indeed true. Trauma is stored in the muscles and connective tissue of the body in the form of muscle memory, tension, pain, or dysregulation.

At Divine Intervention, we focus on healing the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Trauma-conscious yoga offers a way to restore the body to wholeness and is unique in a few ways. This teaching style focuses on safety, choice, trust, embodiment, and empowerment. Creating a safe space and guiding you to a sense of safety within your body is a priority.

The power of choice is embedded in every aspect of the session. Your practice is your practice and can be anything you want it to be. If you wish to focus on rest, mindfulness, fitness, or movement, any of those choices would be perfect and supported. If you want to find a shape and stay there for the entire practice, that would be perfect and supported. If you feel that you are overstimulated or need to stop at any time, that’s also completely acceptable. Trust is also essential to the healing relationship.

Your yoga guide will cultivate a trusting relationship based on safety, respect, choice, gentle guidance, confidentiality, integrity, and compassion. In the session, we aim for embodiment or the perception of inner sensations. Trauma-conscious yoga helps you become mindful of your internal sensations, thoughts, and emotions, bringing it all into integration.

A final component is empowerment. As you continue to practice and get to know yourself and your body again, it cultivates growth, strength, and empowerment. As you begin to heal, you find your authentic Self and are able to express it fully. This is the teaching style in every class facilitated. The instructor serves as a guide, not an authority, to help you get to know your body again and find your own truth and healing practice.