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Family Program

Divine Intervention Recovery Center understands the importance of family support during the recovery process. We believe in many cases the family plays an important role in the success of the client. For this reason, we have designed a family program for each level of care. Talk to your counselor to learn more about the schedule for your specific level of care.

The family program is held once a month in a group setting with multiple families present. This is typically a three-hour session in which the first-hour clients will be present with their family to discuss any pressing issues that may require professional facilitation. The second hour will consist of family education or a topic related to dual diagnosis treatment. The third hour will be a process group in which family members are encouraged to share their experiences in relation to their loved ones identified symptoms. Remember, anonymity is a core value of group therapy, so what happens in the group, stays in the group!

We also encourage family involvement in other aspects of the treatment process. Clients will be encouraged to include family members in their recovery process. We offer private family sessions facilitated by the client’s primary therapist to enhance relationships with parents, significant others, children, and close friends.

What is the Alumni Program?

Our Alumni Program provides a safe, familiar space for clients who successfully completed programming to return to practice their skills and maintain sober support relationships. Having an alumni program can provide a wealth of knowledge for those recovering from addiction by collaborating with shared experience and community resources, it can provide the stability needed to maintain a lifestyle of recovery.

The alumni program will meet every Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (hours are subject to change). Divine Intervention Recovery Center will also host alumni events on different dates and times that will be announced in advance. Family members are invited to attend planned alumni events.