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Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP)

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Divine Intervention has discovered the key to maintaining long-term recovery. By structuring the entire organization to create a healing environment that is effective, safe, transparent, supportive, and welcoming for those struggling with mental health, addiction, and trauma-related symptoms, we as providers make a difference in the lives of others. Evolving the business model from “goods and services” to “service for the good of humanity” affords the client an opportunity to embrace a unique healing transformation.

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Divine Intervention Recovery Center provides an option for clients who do not or no longer meet the qualifications for an inpatient hospital stay but could also use a more intense treatment than the typical outpatient structure provides. Bridging the gap between traditional inpatient and outpatient services, the PHP day treatment program is designed to help teach, motivate, support, and encourage success in symptom management and recovery for the clients being served.

Our PHP treatment team is comprised of a medical director, psychiatric nurse practitioner, master’s level licensed clinicians, and licensed behavioral health practitioners who collaborate with patients and their families using therapeutic interventions, education, and monitoring. Our goal is to support you or your loved one’s ability to manage recovery at home through structured treatment at a less acute level than inpatient hospitalization.

The PHP program is for clients ages 18 to 65+ years old with a primary diagnosis of substance use, mental health, or dual diagnosis concerns who have been medically stabilized, but would benefit from and thrive with more constant, comprehensive involvement.
Each patient would treat the PHP like a typical workday, attending for 6 hours each day Monday through Friday. The average length of stay is between 2 and 6 weeks, based on symptom severity and client progress.

According to ASAM, there are 5 levels of treatment under the umbrella of continuity of care that increase by the severity of symptoms:

Level 1 – early intervention services
Level 2 – outpatient services
Level 3 – intensive outpatient; PHP or partial hospitalization services (a slightly higher level 3)
Level 4 – residential/inpatient treatment services
Level 5 – medically managed intensive inpatient treatment services

PHP may be the best treatment option for those who qualify AND:

  • Have completed inpatient detoxification (or)
  • Have been medically cleared and show minimum or no signs of physical withdrawal
  • Do not require around-the-clock medical supervision
  • Have work, family, or other responsibilities that require their presence
  • Can adhere to structured program requirements
  • Have the ability to maintain sobriety or positive mental health between treatment episodes
  • Have a stable home environment free of exposure to drugs and alcohol and other high-risk external stimuli
  • Factors that could pose a threat to the recovery process