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Multiple social conditions might arise from the path of substance use or a severe mental health disorder. Many individuals might face issues with medical, psychiatric, psychological, spiritual, lack of transportation, economic, social, family, and legal problems, creating a significant burden for affected individuals, their families, and society.

Along with other services provided at Divine Intervention Recovery Center, we offer case management services which is the coordination of community-based services that will provide quality care customized accordingly to individual clients’ setbacks or persistent challenges and aid in recovery.

Our clinicians and/or case managers will work collaboratively with community-based services to advocate, outreach, facilitate, identify resources, link to needed services, and teaching or practicing skills for the purpose of achieving wellness and autonomy.

This will involve considering the client’s strengths, challenges, and needs in a variety of areas, such as mental or physical health, behavioral or substance abuse concerns, legal issues, housing barriers, transportation issues, and other needed services.

Case management is connecting clients to services to assist in advancing their overall well-being. Additionally, we provide clients with the tools to manage identified barriers by building self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and satisfaction in their own life by modeling and teaching advocacy skills.

Case management services are optimized when offered in an environment that allows direct communication among the case manager, the client, identified supports, the primary care provider, and other professionals. The case manager can enhance these services by maintaining the client’s privacy, confidentiality, and promoting health and safety by advocating on behalf of the client when necessary to meet the client’s unique needs in relation to their home environment.